A new vintage of culinary wine experience

20 lovely guests excellent wines refined venues

Exclusive series of wine socials held in Beijing and Shanghai’s most delightful restaurants

The concept

Welcome to Wine & The City, an exclusive series of wine socials held in Beijing and Shanghai’s most delightful restaurants. Designed to refine the palate, surprise the senses, and stimulate the mind, these wine socials bring you a whole new way to explore and experience the best restaurants in your city. Relax as our trained sommeliers and wine experts take you on a journey through each wine’s heritage, provenance, and tasting process, for an entertaining and educative evening.

About Promising New Artists Series

An exciting addition to Wine & The City, we are proud to announce our Promising New Artists Series as a new, dynamic element to each wine social. Wine & The City collaborates with up-and-coming artists selected from creative communities across China, for live performance and provocative discussion with the artists during dinner and wine tasting. We hope that this new segment will broaden your perspectives - Wine is, after all, an art!





Say What

“The city's swankiest venues, comfortable social atmosphere, selection of fine wines and food, as well as the small surprises for every event. It is the best choice for the high-end lifestyle experience.”
Angela ShanghaiWOW

Say What

"Always fun and educational! I attended several dinners and always look forward the next one each month. Their new Artist Series adds another exciting element!"
Maria Guest

Say What

"Unorthodox Wine Dinners, the stirring wine storytelling of those innovative events are refreshing."
Howard Sheng Chef Sommelier Jean-Georges
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